Friday, January 13, 2012

And that was decorated before?

Did you know that sooner rather than Christmas trees were decorated with the other trees? It was the cherry, specially grown in tubs. But the tradition of dressing up. draw up a Christmas tree, too high, more than 2,000 years. Earlier, people believed that all the trees are endowed with good strength, that they live in good spirits. And hanging on the trees treats - gifts, trying to appease these spirits. Oh, and evergreen fir occupied a special place among the trees. It was the sacred center, "world tree", which symbolizes life itself, and the new revival of the darkness and gloom. Previously, instead of toys were hung on trees, fruits of trees such as apples - a symbol of fertility, nuts - the incomprehensibility of the divine, and eggs - a symbol of evolving life, full of harmony and prosperity. In the Middle Ages to the Christmas tree hung as cakes, candy, colorful ribbons, to the delight of children. In the XIX century the porcelain and glass ornaments, beads, garlands. More on eating light candles, small and colorful, but it was necessary to be watched, because they feared the fire .. In addition, the party could afford only very rich people. As you know, the custom of decorating the Christmas tree branches, went home with Peter I. In the 30s of the XIX century Christmas trees were placed on a holiday only in the houses of Petersburg's Germans. Then took over the tradition of Russian nobility and gentry. On New Year were held lavish balls and masked balls ....
A publicly in the capital of trees were set only in 1852. And while the rich landlords, patrons began to organize the New Year and Christmas holidays for children from poor families and orphans, with fun games, festivities and distribution of gifts, sweets, toys that are put under the tree. By the end of XIX century, Christmas trees are the main decoration and urban, and rural homes.
In the XX century, after the revolution of the 17th year for the Christmas tree accessories, because of the persecution of the church to decorate the Christmas tree on New Year's forbidden for 17 years! But paying tribute to the traditions of the Russian people, the Central Committee in 1935 resolved the formal celebration of New Year, and began to carry out even the Kremlin Christmas Tree. But only in 1949 did January 1 holiday day off.
So celebrate the new year with a Christmas tree in the house is not such a long tradition as it may seem. This holiday in this country appeared 60-65 years ago, although the dress beautiful forest began in antiquity. Now stores on New Year's surprising variety of Christmas decorations and beautiful forests themselves.
And if Christmas decorations are still beautiful and interesting than they were in, say, 30-40th years of last century, something about the trees is certain. There is nothing more beautiful than on New Year's dress ... a living spruce. No shiny, or even green artificial Christmas tree does not compare with the living, true ... One of only pine smell that fills your entire home that costs. It's the smell of expectations, children, holiday ...
A sprawling, fur paws, sweet and magical, despite the thorns, needles, and dress himself - shiny balls, all sorts of toys, colorful lights, bright garlands, bring a unique magic magical forest with all its inhabitants - the elves, fairies, gnomes and leshimi, in which adults no longer believe. But sometimes we do not have enough of that, just really enjoy and believe in the fairy tale ...
But in the new year ... everything is possible. Treat yourself to a holiday, become children again, and dream. After the New Year - this time to make a wish and believe the best. This time, fairy tales can come true when all your dreams. But only eat live near ... ..

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